Nov 30

Win Amazing Prizes

Win Amazing Prizes

Our final contest in 2009 for the readers of the AppleUsers Spotlight is here, with a great selection of prizes again…

Many Mac enthusiasts have traditionally held of purchasing decisions until after the holiday buying period because of Apple’s highly anticipated announcements during the Macworld Expo Keynote that was normally held in early January, but that’s all changed now. Apple are not exhibiting, nor conducting the Keynote and the 2010 Expo and the Expo itself has been rescheduled to February. This means many Mac users can put in requests to Santa for a new iMac or another Apple system with relative safety of it not been immediately superseded a few weeks later, so we have included a copy of the Take Control of Buying a Mac ebook to help you do exactly that 🙂

We also hope many of our readers (and/or their kids) will receive iPod touches from Santa, so we have included a copy of Taking Your iPod touch to the Max from Apress. And perhaps someone’s New Year’s Resolution was going to start a new career, maybe as a Mac or iPhone developer, so we have a copy of Learn Cocoa on the Mac.

We have also included a copy of Take Control’s Thanksgiving Dinner ebook – Yes, we know Australian’s don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but many of the recipes and hints given in the book can easily be transferred to Christmas preparations.

And of course we have the ever popular TheMacBundle as first prize and five Squiz Card packs up for grabs as well.

December’s Prize Pool

December’s prize bundle has 12 great prizes [one, it seems, for each of the days of Christmas 🙂 ];

How to Enter

Entering the AppleUsers Spotlight Contest is simple.
Simply enter in your name, suburb and email address, along with this month’s magic word (which can be found in the December issue of the AppleUsers Spotlight) and click Submit.
That’s it – You’re now entered into this month’s contest.

December 2009 Contest Entry Form

Contest was open from December 1, 2009 00:01 until December 20, 2009 23:59 AEST.

Yes, we know the December Spotlight Contest Page says “November’s Magic Word is” but it really is December’s 🙂

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