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JunJul 2011 AppleUsers Spotlight Cover

JunJul 2011 AppleUsers Spotlight Cover

The Jun/Jul 2011 issue of the AppleUsers Spotlight is our largest issue yet, weighing in at a massive 103 pages. It is now available in PDF format and can be read using Adobe Reader or Preview under Mac OS X, Adobe Reader for Windows and now in iBooks on the iPad, iPhone and iPad touch.

Download the Jun/Jul 2011 Spotlight

PDF IconDownload Jun/Jul 2011 Spotlight (12.4MB PDF)

What’s included in this issue?

Articles in this issue include;

  • Project Noah inspires a return to nature, photography and community
  • Preparing for Lion: Find Your PowerPC Applications
  • Before you let Lion roar on your Mac, devour some essential reading and prep first
  • Whither Apple’s Keynote ’11
  • Blogging on the Mac
  • Using WordPress to create a website that does not look like a blog
  • Transition from MobileMe to iCloud—FAQs
  • iCloud lightning strikes twice for many MobileMe members
  • FileMaker Debuts New Bento Label Kit
  • Apple Revolutionises Video Editing with Final Cut Pro X
  • Free on iTunes — Australian Store
  • Give iPhone Contacts their own Ringtone
  • Invert iPad Colors for Better Reading in the Dark
  • Sending images to PC users
  • Photoshop Elements 9: Review
  • Solving deep shadow and highlights in photographs

and our regular columns include;

  • AppleUsers Contest #15
  • Spotlight Cooks: Apple Strudel
  • iPad Magic: Web Browsing, YouTube, Movies
  • What’s New — Mac
    • Jumpsuit Launches Stationery Set for Pages for Mac and iOS
    • Jumsoft Free Stationery for Mail Among Top Mac Apps
    • Amadeus Pro 2.0 for OS X—The Swiss Army Knife of Sound Editing
    • NetUse offers the best way to Monitor your Network Traffic on the Mac
  • What’s New — iPhone
    • Hungry Horse
    • Star Walk 5 Stars Astronomy Guide
    • TuneIn Radio
  • Mac 911
    • Disposing of your old technology
    • Dad and daughter find a misplaced iPod
    • Two movies, two Apple TVs, one iTunes library
  • Take Control ebooks
    • Do More While Typing Less with “Take Control of TextExpander”
    • Take Control of Speeding Up Your Mac
    • Take Control of Troubleshooting Your Mac, Second Edition
    • Two Updated Take Control Books Take GarageBand to 11
  • Exclusive discounts for AppleUser Spotlight Readers from PICA Australia, AKVIS, Apress, Disk Drill Pro and cablesformac, plus many special for Members of Australian Apple User Groups including 20% off Dolly Drive.

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JunJul 2011 AppleUsers Spotlight Cover

JunJul 2011 AppleUsers Spotlight Cover

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