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Art of Community Cover

Art of Community Cover

Every software project, online site, company or user group has to manage the community of interested people surrounding it. The community is the source of new ideas, a reliable support network, and the best marketing tool. When money is tight, making the best use of the community is even more critical.

In The Art of Community you’ll experience the broad range of talents required to recruit members, motivate them, manage them, and make them happy to be part of your community. Jono Bacon takes you through the different stages of community and covers the information you’ll need, ranging from software tools to conflict resolution skills.

Author Jono Bacon has been building and managing communities for a decade, particularly in areas of open source software such as KDE and Ubuntu. He currently is Community Manager for Ubuntu, probably the largest community in the open-source software area. His experience and his relationships with other communities and leaders provide a rich and deep well of expertise for this book.

Topics covered in The Art of Community include:

  • Sustainable processes for management – how to create day to day processes that are simple, effective and always representative of your community and its members.
  • Tools and infrastructure – give your community simple and friction-free tools that they need to do their work, complete with effective communication channels.
  • Building buzz – think outside the box and excite and enthuse potential community members to join your crusade, build capacity and keep the train running.
  • Measuring aspects of community success – understand, assess and measure your community, discover what can be measured and how to react to the results.
  • Conflict management – manage strong personalities that clash, and untangle contentious situations in the open and transparent manner that your community expects.
  • Handling live events – organize and schedule productive, fun and engaging live events that get things done and re-affirm social bonds between your community members.
  • Scaling the community – as your community grows, things change and adjust to the size, scale and throughput of your membership: handle these changes with as little disruption as possible.

The Art Of Community underlines and illustrates this large body of knowledge with a compendium of stories, anecdotes and tales that bring the concepts to life. Bacon’s amusing and witty writing style makes the Art Of Community a fun read that is sure to help you build strong, effective and engaging communities.

The first review of The Art of Community book can be found over at Amber Graner’s blog and up on the Art of Community website.

It appears to be a book every Committee member of an Apple User Group should be reading and taking notes from!


The Art Of Community will be published in mid-2009 by O’Reilly and available from all good bookshops. The book will also be freely available online to enjoy, share and modify under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike Non-Commercial license.

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User groups that are registered with the O’Reilly User Group program can receive a free copy of The Art of Community for review simply by placing an approved ‘The Art of Community’ banner on your website and informing Marsee at O’Reilly’s of the URL.

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