May 25

Adobe Alternatives Disc Label

Adobe Alternatives Disc Label

The Adobe Creative Suite offers a collection of tools to bring out your creative flair, however at over AU$3,900 it is incredibly expensive for the home or small business user.

There are many alternatives for the main components of the CS suite that are available for a fraction of the price and many are designed exclusively for, and take full advantage of, Mac OS X.

Adobe Alternatives contains;

  • Photoshop Alternatives
    • GraphicConverter
    • Cinepaint
    • Pixelmator
  • Illustrator Alternatives
    • DrawIt
    • EasyDraw
  • InDesign Alternatives
    • SwiftPublisher
  • Flash Alternatives
    • BannerZest
    • BannerZest Pro
  • Acrobat Alternatives
    • PDFpen
    • PDFpen Pro
    • Skim
  • Dreamweaver Alternatives
    • PageSpinner

Even more Adobe Alternatives
For even more alternatives to the Adobe CS applications, check out these previous Discs of the Month;
Photoshop & Illustrator –> Artist’s Palette
InDesign & Acrobat –> Publishing House
Dreamweaver & Flash –> Web Developer Deluxe

Obtaining Adobe Alternatives

User Group Leaders can download a copy of the Disc Image and support files from the DotM Archive. If you need the User ID and Password, just contact Nicholas.

Adobe Alternatives is available as a CD for $10 from participating Apple User Groups, including;

Many of these User Groups allow you to purchase the Discs of the Month from their meetings – often at a discount; or to order via the web, postal mail, fax or telephone.

The applications supplied on this Disc are supplied as is and we make no representations regarding the applications nor any information related thereto. Any questions, complaints or claims regarding the applications must be directed to the appropriate software vendor.

Various different license types apply. Some titles require further payment direct to the application publisher to enable the full feature sets and functions.

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