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survey-questionsIt’s been almost a year now that the Disc of the Month project has been running and I’d love some feedback from **ALL** Australian Usergroups, even those that have not participated in the DotM project.

Please spend a few minutes to respond… and be brutally honest with your responses… especially, in areas you think the project can be improved for all MUGs

To respond, please REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE and place your answers between the [ ]

ALL groups please complete this section

Usergroup: [ ]

Have you participated in the DotM project?

[ ] Yes
[ ] No

If your group DID NOT participate in the DotM Project, please complete this section

If No, why not? [ ]

Is there anything we can do to help bring you on board in 2009? [ ]

PS: There are more questions at the bottom of the survey for all groups to answer

If your group DID participate in the DotM Project, please complete this section

If Yes, how have you found it? [ ]

Do you promote the Discs on your website?

[ ] No
[ ] Yes, on a dedicated page – URL [ ]
[ ] Yes, as part of our News/Blog

Do you promote the Discs in your Magazine/Newsletters?

[ ] No
[ ] Yes, we re-print the “About this Disc” Flyer as supplied (includes resizing)
[ ] Yes, we reformat the “About” Flyer
[ ] Yes, we write a custom article
[ ] Yes, we mention in our President/Committee/Editorial columns
[ ] Other, Please specify [ ]

Where else do you promote the Discs?

[ ] At our meetings
[ ] On our Mailing List
[ ] Other – please specify [ ]

Have you incorporated the Discs (or their contents) in other aspects of of your meetings – ie as part of a presentation or to answer questions from members (ie: Q. Do I need Anti-Virus Software on my Mac? A. No you don’t need it, but you still may want to look at the Open Source, ClamXav, which is included on the Toolbox Essentials CD we have here.)

[ ] No
[ ] Yes – please detail [ ]

Did you promote previous month’s titles?

[ ] Yes, at meetings
[ ] Yes, on our website
[ ] Yes, in our newsletter
[ ] No

Do you use the Promo Movies to promote the Discs at your meetings?

[ ] No – If so, Why not? [ ]
[ ] Yes, As people walk in the room
[ ] Yes, As part of our “Club Announcements” before or after our Main Presenter
[ ] Yes, Other, Please Specify [ ]

How do you find the Promo Movies? – Do they work for you? Is QuickTime the best format? Is 1024×768 OK/Too Big/Too Small?  Any other feedback on the Promo Movies?[ ]

Do you use the Disc Label files to print directly on to Discs?

[ ] No
[ ] Yes

How else do you use the Disc Labels?

[ ] We just use them to print on to the Discs
[ ] On our website to identify the DIscs on our promo/store page
[ ] On our website as ‘thumbnails’ to the ‘About the Disc’ PDF
[ ] In our newsletter to feature or highlight the Disc Description
[ ] On our mailing list to feature or highlight the Disc Description
[ ] At our meetings, as part of our slides, to feature or highlight the Disc been available for purchase
[ ] Other, Please Specify [ ]

How do you find the Disc Labels? – Do they work for you? Is PDF a suitable format? Any other feedback on the Disc Labels?[ ]

How do you use the “About this Disc” Flyers?

[ ] We link to them on our website for people to download
[ ] We use them as ‘thumbnails’ on our website to link to the actual PDF
[ ] We publish them in our magazine “as is”
[ ] We publish them in our magazine, but resize them
[ ] We print copies out and have available for members to browse at meetings
[ ] Other, Please specify [ ]

How do you find the “About this Disc” Flyers? – Do they work for you? Is PDF the best format? Do you prefer single page flyers, or do prefer fuller descriptions of the contents, even if it takes 2 or more pages? Any other feedback on the “About this Disc” Flyers?[ ]

Here is a list of the DotM titles released this year… please provide feedback on how well these titles sold, how your members reacted/responded to them and any information you think would be of use or interest about the particular Discs:

Feb: Publishing House [ ]

Mar: Free Time Games [ ]

Apr: Celebrations Galore [ ]

May: Toolbox Essentials [ ]

Jun: MacServer [ ]

Jul: Arcade Mania Volume 01 [ ]

Aug: Audiophile [ ]

Sep: MacSecretary [ ]

Sep: Ultimate Collection of Open Source Software for Mac OS X [UCoOSS] [ ]

Oct: HobbyMac Volume 01 [ ]

Nov: Alternative Office [ ]

Nov: Festive Fun Volume II [ ]

Dec: Artist’s Palette [ ]

Which was the most popular/successful Disc for your group? Why do you think that was? [ ]

Which was the least popular/successful Disc for your group? Why do you think that was? [ ]

Toolbox Essentials had a number of special discounts that were exclusive to purchasers of the DotM – Would you like to see more of these discounts? Did your members take advantage of them? [ ]

Most Discs have a mixture of Shareware, Demos, Freeware and Open Source software, but Free Time Games and UCoOSS only contained Freeware or Open Source software, so there ‘no more to pay’ to use the applications – Do you think this was a popular concept – ie would you like to see more Discs of ONLY Free/Open Source software? Or is it better to exposure people to a wider selection of software and let them decide which application suits them, regardless of price? [ ]

What type of topics for Discs would you like to see released in the future? eg more games discs or perhaps no more games discs??? Educational material for children? Legal MP3 Music collections? A Grab Bag of “weird and exciting stuff found the net” – I’m prepared to consider virtually any topic you think would sell [ ]

Would your members be interested in seeing existing Disc titles updated and re-released?

[ ] Yes
[ ] No
[ ] Maybe

How much do you charge for the Discs?

[ ] The RRP (usually $10 for CDs & $15 for DVDs)
[ ] Another Price – Please specify [ ]
[ ] We offer them for Free to Members Only

How many Discs, on average, do you sell each month?[ ]

Do you create bundles of different Discs?

[ ] No
[ ] Yes – Please detail which discs and what pricing have you used [ ]

What options do you offer for purchasing Discs?

[ ] Meetings
[ ] Online Store
[ ] Post/Fax orders
[ ] Other, Please Specify [ ]

Do you sell to non-members?

[ ] Yes
[ ] No

How have you used the funds raised from sales of the DotMs?

[ ] Placed into the ‘General Kitty’ of the club
[ ] Covered meeting location costs
[ ] Funded Capital Expenditure purchases like Laptop for Presentations or Admin work, Projectors, Audio/Mic Systems etc – Please specify [ ]
[ ] Sent Nicholas a case or six of Vodka and chocolates [ps I love ALL the different flavours of Absolut and will eat just about any type of chocolate EXCEPT chocolate that contains nuts 😉 ] And if you selected this option, I hate to tell you, it hasn’t arrived yet 🙁
[ ] Other, please specify [ ]

How have you found downloading the Disc Images? Have you had sufficient notice before your meeting that they are available for downloading? Is the format OK?[ ]

Do you replace the “REPLACE THIS FILE with YOUR MUG “About us”” file on Disc Image with information about your group?

[ ] Yes
[ ] No

Is the reserved space of 5MB enough?

[ ] Yes, it is fine
[ ] Yes, but it can be reduced down to [ ] MB to allow more space for applications
[ ] No, we need an extra [ ] MB to fit the file(s) we want

How have you found downloading the Support Files (Promo Flyer, Disc Label and Promo Movie)?[ ]

Are there any ways we can improve the distribution of Disc Images and Support Files, or does the current method work for you?[ ]

How did you go when TWO discs were released in a single month?

[ ] We just released ONE disc for sale and didn’t worry about the other title – Which Disc is you release? [ ]
[ ] We released both, but would prefer only a single disc be released per month
[ ] We released both, and are happy to have the occasional month with two discs released
[ ] Other, Please Specify [ ]

Festive Fun II was a DVD – how’d that work for your group? From a Sales perspective did it sell OK, was it better or worse than the CDs? How’d you go downloading the Disc Image?[ ]

How would you feel about having at least one DVD title released each year?

[ ] No thanks
[ ] We’d cope with one DVD a year
[ ] If the material warranted it, we’d welcome 2 or more DVDs a year
[ ] Other, Please specify [ ]

What software do you use to burn the Discs?

[ ] Toast
[ ] Disc Utility
[ ] Other – Please Specify [ ]

What hardware do you use to burn the Discs?

[ ] Built-in CD/DVD Burner
[ ] External Firewire Burner
[ ] External USB Burner
[ ] Robotic Disc Publisher

What hardware do you use to print the Disc Labels?

[ ] Handwritten with CD Pen
[ ] Inkjet printer with Disc Printing option – Make/Model [ ]
[ ] Inkjet/Laser onto Sticky Labels – Make/Model [ ]
[ ] Other – Please specify [ ]


Free for all comments section – anything you want to share that wasn’t covered above or you want to expand upon… remember be brutal if warranted – Those who have met me in person will know that I have a thick hide with plenty of insulation 😉 … but positive comments are also gratefully accepted 😉[ ]

Were you aware that the DotM contents were published in the print edition of Australian Macworld, and that participating MUGs in the project were listed with the article?

[ ] Yes
[ ] No

Were you aware that the DotMs were promoted in the Australian Macworld Usergroups Forum -

[ ] Yes
[ ] No

Will you participate in the Disc of the Month project next year?

[ ] Yes
[ ] No
[ ] Maybe
Thanks for taking the time to respond… Your feedback will help improve the Disc of the Month project for all.

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