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Cards, Boards & Dice Disc Labels

Cards, Boards & Dice Disc Labels

The February Disc of the Month is actually a TWO CD Set entitled ‘Cards, Boards & Dice’

Way back in May 2007, I produced Card Deck, the original Disc that started the entire Disc of the Month project and it has proven to be a reasonable and constant seller for them, so I expect that this vastly enhanced set of card games plus some good old fashioned board and dice games will be just as popular.

When I started compiling the content for ‘Cards, Boards & Dice’ I gathered so much material that it would fill a couple of CDs. Now this is fairly normal when compiling a Disc and I would just cull some of applications down so the ‘best’ ones fit on a single CD ready for release.  And in the past I’ve designated some DotM titles as ‘Volume 1’ knowing that there is more than enough material for a second Disc and so a ‘Volume 2’ of the same topic could be released at a later date but with all the Card, Board and Dice games I found there were so many good titles I wanted to include that I just had to include them all – and thought it would better to release them together rather than spilt across a couple of months… Also, rather than make a DVD, I thought a Double CD Set would be easier to manage.

The promotional material covers both CDs together and have recommended the pricing structure of $10 each or $15 for both together.

So up on the Niche FTP site in the 200902-Cards, Boards & Dice folder there are TWO Disc Images and TWO Disc Labels, but only ONE Promo Movie and only ONE Flyer.

Promotional Material

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