Oct 23
Festive Celebrations Disc Label

Festive Celebrations Disc Label

Festive Celebrations is a merger of two previous Disc of the Month titles, Festive Fun II and Celebrations Galore, on to a single DVD. Festive Celebrations is full of Holiday focused clipart, images, fonts, greeting cards, colouring books and more,

Due to many requests, we are pleased to announce that Festive Celebrations has yet again been made available, free of charge, for Apple User Group Leaders from across the globe to download and distribute to their members.

Celebrations Galore is a collection chockers full of;

  • Clipart
  • Animated Images
  • Fonts
  • Music & Movies
  • Colouring Books
  • Greeting Cards
  • Envelopes

For use with;

  • Birthdays & Parties
  • Easter
  • Babies & Graduation
  • Halloween & Thanksgiving
  • Mother’s & Father’s Day
  • New Year’s
  • St Patrick’s Day
  • Valentines Day & Weddings

Festive Fun II is a collection of;

  • 3000+ pieces of Christmas Clip Art
  • 990+ pieces of Christmas Music and Videos
  • 880+ Christmas Card & Gift Tags
  • 600+ Christmas Activities
  • 300+ Christmas Fonts
  • 35+ Christmas Applications
  • 30+ Christmas Stories

And now they are all contained on a single DVD.

The applications and files supplied on this Disc are supplied as is and we make no representations regarding the applications nor any information related thereto. Any questions, complaints or claims regarding the applications must be directed to the appropriate software vendor.

Obtaining Festive Celebrations

User Group Leaders can download a copy of the Disc Image and support files (Full Page Flyer, DVD Label and a Promo Movie promoting the content of “Festive Fun II”), by completing this form;

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    Apple User Groups should remove the previous titles “Festive Fun II” and “Celebrations Galore” from their catalogues as well as any pervious versions of Festive Celebrations and replace them with “Festive Celebrations v1.01”.

    Festive Celebrations is available as a DVD from participating Apple User Groups, including;

    • Central & South America
      • TBA
    • Middle East
      • TBA
    • Asia
      • TBA
    • Africa
      • TBA

    Many of these User Groups allow you to purchase the Discs of the Month from their meetings – often at a discount; or to order via the web, postal mail, fax or telephone.

    Alternatively, a couple of User Groups have indicated that they are considering giving all their current financial members a free copy of Festive Celebrations as a bonus gift this holiday season! Let us know if your Group intends to do this too!

    Promotional Material

    View the Festive Celebrations Promo Movie

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    Festive Celebrations Disc Label

    Festive Celebrations Disc Label

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