Dec 22
Kid's Time Disc Label

Kid's Time Disc Label

The January Disc of the Month, Kid’s Time, is now available for downloading from the Niche FTP site, along with all the support files.

I know the January print issue of Australian Macworld arrived very early this month, so many people have already seen the summary listing of Kid’s Time published in there and the interest generated already has been quite positive. The About Kid’s Time Flyer contains a more detailed description of each application, so hopefully that’ll generate even more interest for your members.

I know a few of you have grabbed the Disc Image, Label and About Flyer already… well now the Promo Movie is also available for downloading. I’ll also use this as an opportunity to remind you to it is advisable to wait for the ‘official’ email announcement about the availability of the Disc Image and support files… I know I often upload them well in advance of the ‘official announcement’ but occasionally there have been a couple last minute changes and thus the files will need to be downloaded again – and I am very much aware how annoying that is.

Also, with the ‘start of a new year’ I have taken the opportunity to re-organise the Disc of the Month directory on the Niche FTP site… moving all the Disc Images and support files for the Discs released in 2008 in to a folder called ‘2008-Disc Images’ and thus the folders for the 2009 Discs will be easier to see.

Thanks to all those groups who have responded to the Survey regarding the Discs of the Month…. and that has been the majority of you, which was really great to see. The feedback has been most informative and in some cases highly instructive.  I’ll post a summary of some of the main points highlighted from the survey soon… so if you haven’t responded yet, it’s not too late and I’d really welcome your comments.

Anyway, enough from me for now… if I don’t speak to you before hand, have a very Merry Christmas, ensure you have a fantastic festive season and a very Happy New Year!

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