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AppleUsers Spotlight FOSS Sampler Edition Cover

AppleUsers Spotlight FOSS Sampler Edition Cover

Welcome to this Sampler Edition of the AppleUsers Spotlight, which we have created especially for inclusion on the “Spotlight on FOSS” DVD which will be distributed by various Apple User Groups around the globe on Software Freedom Day — September 17, 2011.

Normally the Spotlight contains articles covering a wide range of topics relating to all Apple products. There are reviews of software for the Mac and iOS devices, plus lots of helpful hints and tips. For a bit of fun, we even have a regular column that features different recipes for the actual fruit!

For this Sampler Edition, we have scoured though all our back issues to find any articles we’ve published regarding Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and bought them all together, along with a few other interesting articles, to give you an introduction to the style of our free, digital format, magazine.

Download the Spotlight FOSS Sampler Edition

PDF IconDownload Spotlight FOSS Sampler Edition (13.7MB PDF)

This issue has also been included on the Spotlight on FOSS DVD that is been distributed, free of charge, at participating Software Freedom Day 2011 Events and various Apple User Groups around the globe.

What’s included in this issue?

Articles in this issue include;

  • Various articles featuring Free Apps for Mac
  • Free iPhone Apps for Aussies
  • Home Office – Free Mac Apps
  • Free on iTunes – Australian Store
  • Sophos offers Free Anti-Virus Home Edition for Mac
  • EPUBReader Displays EPUBs in Firefox
  • Five Essential Safari Extensions
  • SheepShaver Brings Classic Mac OS to Snow Leopard (and Lion)
  • Top Ten Apple T-Shirts
  • Quick Tips
    • Prevent Flash ads, video from loading with free add-ons
    • Macware’s Free Commercial Use Fonts Offer
    • How to overcome a ‘Disk full’ notice
    • Spotlight on Spotlight
  • Spotlight Cooks: Biscuit cutter mini pan cakes
  • MaxoTel, Setup on a Mac Using Telephone
  • What is Growl?
  • Project Noah inspires a return to nature, photography and community
  • Using WordPress to create a website that does not look like a blog
  • WiFi Positioning – Skyhook Wireless
  • TheMacBundles Fills a Need
  • How efficient are you on your Mac?
  • Publishing a Blog with Blogger
  • How Apple Changed My Life
  • Apple: 10th Anniversary of Retail Stores
  • Email: King of Internet Communication
  • Personal Email Certificates
  • Historic Apple collection now online
  • Melbourne Museum launches world-first museum iPad app
  • Exploring the ‘grey’ market
  • Woz: Before he appeared on Dancing with the Stars…
  • The zen of Apple cubism
  • Zombie Authors Threaten Fiction Ebook Market, from the Grave!
  • Contents of “A Spotlight on FOSS” DVD

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AppleUsers Spotlight FOSS Sampler Edition Cover

AppleUsers Spotlight FOSS Sampler Edition Cover

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