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Meeting Date Request

Meeting Date Request

We realise that Australian Apple User Groups have just submitted the details about their August 2009 meetings, so they can be published in Australian Macworld. Well, we need them all again, but with some additional information, for use in another project – new digital format magazine, AppleUsers Spotlight.

AppleUsers Spotlight will have a section dedicated to listing the events that Australian Apple User Groups will be conducting during the forthcoming month.

Like the listing used by Australian Macworld, we’ll list the date of the meeting, the MUG’s name and their website (which can be either the main home page, or a meetings specific page). But we’ll allow MUGs to include a couple of short paragraphs detailing the meeting.

This description will be able to be changed by the MUG Leaders each month and they can either provide specific details about the topic(s) to be cover at that meeting or a generic description if they don’t have a specific topic defined. [psst: The more details you can provide about the actual topics you’ll be presenting, the more likely you are to attract new visitors]

Like the Australian Macworld listing, if MUGs do not submit the information about their meetings for the coming month via the specific web form we publish each month here on, then that MUG will NOT BE LISTED in either AppleUsers Spotlight nor Australian Macworld that month.

However, to make life easier, as of the call for the September meeting details, there will be a single web form that will extract the appropriate data for use in each publication. After all, much of it is identical regardless of the publication it appears in 🙂 editorial staff reserve the right to edit MUG Meeting Detail submissions.

Call for AUGUST 2009 Meeting Details

Submission deadline: 5pm AEST, Sunday July 5, 2009
Submissions now closed.

    All fields, except Comments, are REQUIRED.

    The following information will be published:

    MUG Name (In Full, as you'd like it published)

    MUG Website (Please include the www. if appropriate, but exclude the http://)


    Day of Meeting

    Date of Meeting


    Description of Meeting Topic (Max 100 words)

    Note: Editorial staff reserve the right to edit submissions, without consultation, of any description.

    Cost to attend Meeting: (List any entry or 'supper' fees)


    The following information will NOT be published offers MUGs the opportunity to have ONE Display Ad in the AppleUsers Spotlight to promote a special meeting once year. These are ads are subject to availability and conditions.

    Yes, please contact us about having a display ad in The Spotlight to promote this meeting

    Other Comments (This field is optional and you can use it to advise if you are submitting additional meeting dates, would like to promote your meeting using the Free Display Ad offered to Apple User Groups, or for any other information you'd like us to know about your meetings)

    Your Name

    Your Email

    By ticking this box, and submitting the request, you agree that you have the authority to submit your Group's details for inclusion the Australian Macworld MUG Listing .

    To ensure you are not an auto-bot, please type the following phrase (it is case sensitive)

    Remember if you have two or more meetings per month, please submit separate forms for each meeting.

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