Jul 17

Meeting Date Request

Meeting Date Request

We are now calling for details for Australian Apple User Groups meetings that are occurring in September.

This is our first combined call for meeting details that will be submitted to both Australian Macworld and the AppleUsers Spotlight.

The AppleUsers Spotlight MUG Listing is quite different different to the Australian Macworld and will be sorted by State, then by Meeting Date and each MUG will have the following details;

User Group Name

The “topic” can have up to a couple of paragraphs detailing what happens at your meetings. If you don’t know what topics will be presented, please provide a general overview.

Display Ad in AppleUsers Spotlight are offering each Australian MUG the opportunity to take out a Display Ad once a year in the AppleUsers Spotlight MUG Listing to highlight a special meeting topic or presentation. In each issue, we will be limiting these ads to one per state and a maximum of three per issue.

This ad can be used to promote special events like Swap Meets; presentations by major industry companies; Open Days; Anniversaries or any major event. The ad will be in addition to your regular text listing 🙂

The ad available to MUGs is a “Type L: 1/6 page” as per our Advertisement Specifications document (which has been posted to our Magazine Page). The Ad Specs also specify the preferred file formats and other important information like submission deadlines

If you are interested in utilising this offer, please tick the appropriate box in the form below.

Call for SEPTEMBER 2009 Meeting Details

Submission deadline: 5pm AEST, Sunday July 26, 2009
Submissions for September Meeting Details are now closed

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