Jan 05

CreativeTech Winter FlyerCreativeTech have announced their “Winter 2010” calender of free online classes, along with a series of downloadable flyers for you to spread the news with your friends and colleagues.

CreativeTech’s ‘Winter’ Classes and their duration include;

  • Flash CS4 for Designers (10 wks)
  • InDesign Essential Skills (10 wks)
  • John Greengo Photography Show (ongoing)
  • Learn to Build iPhone Web Apps (5 wks)
  • Photographer’s Photoshop Handbook (10 wks)
  • Photoshop Master Course (10 wks left)
  • Portrait Lighting for Photography (5 wks)
  • Watercolor Magic (5 wks)

The courses are free of charge and now with the commencement of Daylight Savings in most of the Eastern Australian States and the US having come off it, the commencement times are a little more reasonable for most Australians.


A range of flyers have been provided by CreativeTech, listing the starting times of the different classes for various time zones around the world, including AEST – Australian Eastern Daylight Time (aka Tasmania, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales) and AWST – Australian Western Standard Time (aka Western Australia).

Download the CreativeTech Post-a-Class Flyers; print a copy, or six out, and post them to noticeboards in your local library, shops, church and of course at your User Group Meetings.

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