Feb 24
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Following on from MUG 2.0, this is another article MUG Leaders may be interested in reading.

Guy Kawasaki on “The Art of Creating Community”

Guy Kawasaki is a user group fan. Not just in his early days when he was Apple’s Chief evangelist, but throughout his career. Guy spoke at User Group University #4, and again last month at User Group University #7, talking about how user groups can be a critical component in getting the word out on any new product or service.

Guy contacted the MUG Center to help get the word out about a new posting to his blog, Bona tempes volvant, that not only advocates user groups, but also is must-reading for anyone who is looking to create or re-energize their group. Entitled, “The Art of Creating a Community,” the posting outlines some critical success factors that every MUG should be paying attention to.

If you’re interested in User Groups 2.0, then Guy’s thoughts on publicity, value, criticism, thunderlizards and more will be exactly what you’re looking for.

The blog entry by Guy can be found at;

For a couple of “podcast” interviews with Guy, including one that cver his thoughts on MUGs, visit;

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