May 10

Apple User Groups

Apple User Groups

Recently we have been updating our list of active Apple User Groups in Australia as we’ve seen one group fold, another start up and a few whose details had changed and we thought this would be an opportune time to seek any other active Apple User Groups that may wish to be included in our listings.

In particular, we are looking for any groups in Tasmania (after all, the Apple Isle should have Apple User Groups 🙂 ) and in the Northern Territory as we have no active groups recorded for those regions at present.

We are also interested in hearing from ‘PC-based’ groups that also have Special Interest Groups for Mac, iPod, iPhone or iPad users.
Or maybe you are a U3A or Seniors Computer Club that has a dedicated session for the users of Apple products? If so, we are happy to include you in our listing.

To see if your group is listed with us, visit the User Group Listing page and if your group isn’t listed, we don’t know about you 🙁 So fill in the form at the bottom of the page and we’ll add you.

If your group is listed, you might as well take the opportunity to confirm that we have your web address correctly listed. If we don’t, then just fill out the form again.

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