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Latest News Stack

Queensland groups may be interested to know about the Gold Cost Apple Users Group project for older Macs…for more details contact Cherie at awsemflm – at –

From: AWSEM <awsemflm – at –>
Date: 1 March 2009 4:04:23 PM
To: Nicholas Pyers – <nicholas – at –>
Subject: Re: [AppleUsers-Announce] Donate Macs for Victorian Bushfire Victims

The Gold Coast Users Group has been fixing up older Macs for the last 2 years and after setting up software for the visually impaired send them to the the Gold Coast COMPUTERS FOR THE BLIND

So if you do not want to ship down south there are needed people in Qld

Cherie Bates

and the from the original thread about ‘Old Apple computers’ over at AppleUsers-Discussion, here are details of what Apple-MAQ Lions Club are doing with older Macs…

From: David Phillips <applemaqlion – at –>
Date: 19 February 2009 9:09:07 AM
To: Discussions by AppleUsers <appleusers-discuss – at –>
Subject: Re: [AppleUsers-Discuss] Old Apple computers
Reply-To: Discussions by AppleUsers <appleusers-discuss – at –>

I have a warehouse of old apples from Apple II’s to the eMac. I refurbish them for groups. I have a kindy using some II’s as I have a lot of suitable games. We have placed iMacs in retirement villages as an internet lounge for the residents as well. We send a lot overseas and our members go to train locals in the use and maintenance of them. We have 400 7200/120’s overseas right now.

We have reached 44 20 foot containers both local and overseas. I have 2000 feet of storage on a 5 hectare block of land.

If any one requires spare parts please contact me. I have parts for the Apple II’s and Macs. I will supply for the cost of postage.

History …. ┬áthe first Mac (a +) was purchased by a Australian scientist in Melbourne cost over $4400.00 at the time and did not have a hard drive but did have two floppys when the machine went to the” great beyond” someone from AUSOM put out a plea for another. I have some but ended sending a Classic for him to use. iMacs were our at that time but he wanted the same. We talked him into a Classic. His son works for NASA in the US.

David Phillips
Apple-MAQ Lions Club
We Serve

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