May 30

O'Reilly User Group Discount

O’Reilly are looking for user groups to display their discount banners on your group’s web site. If you send Marsee at O’Reilly’s your group’s site, saying where one or more banners are published, she’ll send you the O’Reilly book(s) of your choice.

You can choose banners from the following list:

Post the banners to your Home Page; your dedicated News page; your Book Library page (check out our SAAUC Share ‘Details About Their Library Collection’ article); or anywhere else that is appropriate on your website. Don’t forget to link the banners to the correct URL that O’Reilly’s prefer for the individual banners.

And remember, if you also write and publish a review of the book(s), you may be eligible to receive further free books from O’Reilly’s.

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