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MUG Center

MUG Center

Nicholas puts the call out for information on Australian MUG’s September meetings and discusses various resources and offers available to MUGs from Chuck Joiner’s The MUG Center website.

Hi All,

Time has flown yet again and thus now we all need to start thinking about the promotion of your SEPTEMBER meetings, for inclusion in the Australian Macworld MUG Event Listing, and elsewhere.

Can you please supply the following information about your _SEPTEMBER_ meeting, BEFORE 5pm Sunday July 30, 2006 for inclusion in the Macworld MUG Event Listing;

  • The Date (including the DAY)
  • Your Group Name
  • Title of your Presentation/Event (if you know what is)
  • The URL promoting your meeting/event
  • Entry Cost (if any)

The MUG Center

How many of you keep a regular eye on Chuck Joiner’s The MUG Center website?

If you do, then you probably know about the following announcements that were recently published;

Breen’s Bungalow

You should have received the email from me a week or so ago that let you know about the return of the Breen’s Bungalow User Group Edition. Breen’s Bungalow is a series of short tutorials distributed as a high quality QuickTime movie that MUGs can distribute to thier members, either on CD, DVD or hard drive copy (Online distribution is NOT allowed)

I understand that a number of groups have already started to take advantage of this wonderful resource by including it on their disks of the month, or dedicated archives of “Breen’s Bungalow”

For more information;

breen’s bungalow ยป

Free Membership to the Association of Macintosh Trainers

The Association of Macintosh Trainers is offering the President of each MUG the opportunity to join their group free of charge. I notice that Greg Sharp of SMUG has already taken advantage of this offer (as have I) and I recommend that you look at this as another opportunity to promote YOUR group. It would be great to all Australian MUGs listed there ๐Ÿ˜‰

To find out how to get your complimentary membership, visit;

association macintosh trainers ยป

The Return of The User Group Report Podcast

In addition to Breen’s Bungalow returning, Chuck Joiner’s podcast “The User Group Report” (or UGR for short) is making a come back as well. The UGR existed long before the term Podcast was ever phrased… in fact, I think it was around long before the iPod was… but in recent times, Chuck has focussed on two other podcasts, MacNotables and MacVoices.

But due to popular demand for a MUG focussed Podcast, the UGR is back… with the “first” episode now available for downloading or subscription via iTunes (or your favourite Podcatching app).

The UGR can be directly linked to from your group’s site as well as been able to be included on your groups CD/DVDs of the Month and will contain a wealth of information for the leadership of MUGs around the world.

To subscribe or listen;

user group report ยป

Get two free copies of Ultimate Productivity Automation Action Pack

The MUG Center broke the news about Automated Workflow LLC’s extremely generous offer to supply all MUGs worldwide with not one, but TWO copies of their “Ultimate Productivity Automation Action Pack,” which is a set of AppleScripts and Automator actions for use in applications like iPhoto, Photoshop, FileMaker Pro, even TextEdit and many other applications.

One copy is intended to allow you to review and demonstrate it to your members, whilst the other copy can be raffled off or given away as a door prize.

To claim your club’s two copies, head on over to;

ultimate productivity ยป

Lots More…

So, if you haven’t been reading The MUG Center, and didn’t know what was on offer there, you should now have some idea what is available ๐Ÿ˜‰

I strongly recommend that all MUG leaders check The MUG Center site out at least once a week, if not daily… and I also suggest that you pass this advice on to the other leaders within your group, as different people pick up different information and viewpoints and they may see the value of a news items that you overlooked.

You can check out The MUG Center at be sure to check out the options in the NavBar as well… there is a ton of stuff hidden away there as well!

Anyway, enough from me for now… I’ll let you go, so you can all start to take advantage of the various resources to be found at The MUG Center, but please don’t get so engrossed that you forget to send me your _SEPTEMBER_ meetings details BEFORE 5pm Sunday, July 30 ๐Ÿ˜‰

Until next time.

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