Aug 24

Software Freedom Day

Software Freedom Day 2008 will be held on 20 September – It is a celebration of free and open source software and the community behind it.

This FREE event is held around the world and will showcase the best that the free and open source software (FOSS) community has to offer, including live demonstrations of;

  • Free applications such as WordPress, Drupal and Moodle that offer incredible functionality
  • Free email and internet software such as Thunderbird and Mozilla
  • Business productivity alternatives such as OpenOffice
  • Linux and related operating system software

Guest speakers will also present on a wide range of topics, relevant to those who deal with technology in business, education, non-profits and community development.

Software Freedom Day 2008 hosts are friendly, speak in non-technical terms and will be happy to assist you to learn more about free and open source applications and software.

Last year AUSOM participated in the Melbourne event and I prepared “The Ultimate Collection of Open Source Software for Mac OS X” CD that was given away free of charge to attendees who had a Mac and I’m looking at updating the collection for this year’s SFD.

You can see the original collection listing at

Let me know if your group will be participating in a Software Freedom Day Event in your city… particularly if you are organising the event yourselves. You can find more information about participating at and marketing material can be found at

Or at least let your members know about the events in your local area – direct them to for more information. You can also find which cities are hosting events at

I’ve moved to Sydney

Also, just to let you all know that I have relocated to Sydney to live… this decision was made on Wednesday night due to family and I arrived 6am Sunday morning and am still settling in. However, the important things have been done – the laptop is connected to the internet and the G5 will go online in a day or two… proper sleeping arrangements and putting away of clothes or other stuff will happen when I get there 😉

The move will not affect the projects I’ve been involved with for MUGs… in particular the Disc of the Month project is steaming ahead… the September Disc, MacSecretary, is online for you to download along with all the support files and the October Disc, HobbyMac is also available for downloading now, but the Promo Movie still needs to be completed.

A couple of other projects that have been in the pipeline will be announced over the next few weeks.

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