May 20

Tropical Software

Tropical Software

Tropical Software are offering Apple User Groups the chance to request one free license of TopXNotes to demo and raffle at meetings, write reviews, and make presentations.

TopXNotes is a modern note organizing system which includes MultiView, the ability to view many notes at once, and a sliding toolbar that keeps text controls above where you type. NoteOrganizer is an advanced table of contents with user-defined categories/ groups. The most popular benefit is instant desktop access to your critical information via QuickNotes. TopXNotes also includes automatic backups, unlimited Undo, Find and note encryption to keep sensitive information safe.

Your user group leader can email Tropical Software using the address found in the May 19, 2009 issue of the Apple User Group Bulletin to arrange your copy. When you contact Tropical Software, be sure to tell them you learned about this offer from UGAB.

This worldwide offer is valid until August 31, 2009 and is limited to one request per group.

[More information about the Apple User Group Bulletin (AUGB) can be found at Apple User Group Advisory Board website]

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