Sep 27

Mactalk Hunter LogoMacTalk Hunter, a small Apple User Group based in New South Wales, Australia, has solved a problem that many smaller groups face – How to provide a Book Library service to their members, without having to worry about physical storage of tons of books…

They have created a ‘Virtual Book Library”. No, they have not created a library of ebooks… but rather the library is a list of books posted up on their website that members own and are prepared to lend to other members.

The list shows the Book Title and Author, along with Publication Date and a brief description about the book. Finally who actually owns the books is listed. If you want to borrow a book, you simply contact the owner to make arrangements to get it.

Members who have books they own and are prepared to lend to others can add them to the Virtual Library by simply emailing the MacTalk Hunter webmaster all the details of the book(s) and they’ll be added.

Visit the MacTalk Hunter Virtual Library

To see how SAAUC handles a physical book library catalogue, check out our previous story SAAUC Share ‘Details About Their Library Collection’

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