Apr 25

Spread the Announcements

Spread the Announcements

Recently, I asked the question “Does your Apple User Group maintain a PR mailing list?” over on the Apple User Group Discussion mailing list. Here is an expanded version of the questions I asked to give User Groups a some food for thought…

If you do have a PR mailing list, who do you include on it?

  • Is Chuck from the MUG Center on it?
  • Sandy, the Editor of the Apple User Group Bulletin?
  • The Apple User Group Resources website team?
  • Your Apple Regional Liaison?
  • Lynn and Fred’s User Group News Network InfoManger?
  • Anthony from
  • The editorial team at Australian Macworld?
  • Are other Apple User Groups in your ‘area’ included?
  • What about PC-based or Adobe Based user groups?
  • Your local newspapers, community radio and TV stations?
  • Local Mayor and other local councillors?
  • Your local Apple Retail store?
  • Your local Apple Reseller?
  • Your sponsors and advertisers?
  • What about your own Committee/Board of Directors? and even your own members?
  • Anyone else?

What information do you send out to the PR List?

  • Just an announcement about your next meeting?
  • What about a teaser for the next THREE meetings?
  • How often do you send them out? Weekly, Monthly, or just when you have a ‘major’ event?
  • How far in advance of your meeting do you send them? The day before? A week before? Two weeks before?

How do you send your Press Releases?

  • Do you send HTML based emails? Or just Plain Text?
  • Do you keep an archive online of your past Press Releases on your website?

If you don’t have a PR mailing list, why don’t you?

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