May 15
MacSever Disc Label

MacSever Disc Label

The June 2008 Disc of the Month is “MacServer”.

Turn your old, or not so old, Mac in to a MacServer.

You don’t need a Xserve nor Mac OS X Server… Your “ordinary” Macintosh can easily become;

  • a video security system
  • a home automation server
  • a telephone answering machine
  • a complete BBS messaging system
  • a web, ftp, proxy & email server
  • an audio & video streaming server

plus tools to control and monitor your server remotely are included.

The Golden Master Disc Image; Disc Label; the promo movie and flyer for MacServer can be downloaded by authorized MUG representatives directly from, using the same user id and password as last month. If you need the user id or password, just drop me an email and I can send them to you.

I plan on posting the blurb describing MacServer to the Australian Macworld User Group Forum in the last week of May, and the “Off the Net” article detailing the contents of MacServer will appear in the June issue of Australian Macworld, but you can download the Disc and start selling now.

Promotion & Distribution

Also, don’t forget if you can’t download the Disc Images, that AUSOM has offered to produce quantities of the Discs for you, using their Bravo SE Disc Publisher system.

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It was great to get feedback from groups regarding the DotM promotional ideas… it seems groups are trying some of the ideas and they are working out for them.

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Promotional Material

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