Apr 14
Toolbox Essentials Disc Label

Toolbox Essentials Disc Label

The first User Group Resources newsletter to be sent via the new CommArt Mailing List System and Nicholas announces the May DotM title “Toolbox Essentials” and also discusses new distribution methods available for the DotM Golden Masters and support files.

Welcome the new look User Group Resources Newsletter. We believe this new format will make it easier to read the newsletters and clearly deliniate between the different topics.

We are using a new service from our web developers, CommArt, to produce this email newsletter AND the corresponding web page archive at the same time and from a single source file.

I have recently started using the service and have found the system to be incredibly powerful, yet amazingly easy to use.

I think many MUGs could find this service extremely useful for generating newsletters and announcements. They are also developing dedicated mailing list server applications which could be of interest as well.

In a few weeks time, these products will be ready to roll out to all of CommArt’s clients. If you are interested in these or any other of CommArt’s services you will find them competitive in comparison with other web developers.

Toolbox Essentials

The Disc of the Month for May is Toolbox Essentials – A collection of essential utilities and applications all Mac OS X users are recommended to have.

There are tools to reduce spam; decode and extract compressed files; convert audio files; browse the internet; open and convert graphics and images; open and manipulate text and encode and watch video.

And perhaps most importantly, there are a couple of essential games so you can play the Macintosh versions of the “two most used Windows applications”

EXCLUSIVE Discount Vouchers are included on disc for many of these essential applications. These represent over $100 worth of savings and are ONLY available to purchasers of the Toolbox Essentials CD from participating MUGs.

The Golden Master and support files for the Toolbox Essentials will be available sometime in the week of April 20. I’ll email you all when it is available. If you wish to take advantage of AUSOM’s offer to provide bulk orders of pre-prepared discs (see below), send your order through now and they’ll be processed and despatched as soon as the Golden Master is released.

Improved Distribution Methods

The feedback from the MUGs participating in the Disc of the Month project has been extremely encouraging and the Discs are earning them much needed funds for other projects, whilst providing a new benefit and service to their members.

However, a few regional groups have expressed interest in participating but have found it difficult to download the 700MB and another group has asked for the Promotional Material to be available separately so they can have their Newsletter Editor or Meeting Planner download the Flyer or Movie without having to grab the full archive.

So we have come up with a few new innovations, including;

Bulk Purchases of Prepared Discs

AUSOM Incorporated recently purchased a Bravo SE Disc Publisher system that automates the process of burning and printing CDs and DVDs and they have generously offered to prepare bulk orders of the Disc of the Month and post them to MUGs, ready for you to on-sell to your members.

CDs will cost $6 each whilst DVDs are $8 each and these prices are inclusive of GST and postage. Pricing is also based on a minimum order of 10 Discs with mixed quantities of assorted titles allowed.

To order your discs, simply download the Disc of the Month Bulk Order Form PDF, complete it and either Fax or Post it back, along with payment, to the address listed on the form.

AUSOM will send the completed orders by Express Post and they’ll endeavor to deliver your order in time for your next meeting, but please allow approx 14 days for processing and delivery.

If you need the promotional Flyer and Movie supplied on Disc, simply order the “DotM Promo” CD. Normally this also costs $6.00 but AUSOM will include it FREE if you order 20 discs or more in a single order (again mixed title quantities are fine).

Any queries about the Disc of the Month Bulk Orders, you can contact AUSOM directly by emailing or calling 1300 360 813.

Folder with Separate Files on the FTP Server

Initially I was supplying both the Golden Master Disc Image and the various support files as a single zipped archive as it was thought this would make it easier for MUGs to just grab a single file but it appears it may be better if all the files are supplied individually.

So, now a folder for each DotM title will be created on the Niche FTP server and the Disk Image, the Disc Label PDF and the Promotional Flyer and Movie will be uploaded separately in to this folder.

We still ask that only ONE representative from each MUG download the actual Disc Image itself, but if your newsletter editor, webmaster or meeting planner need the Promotional Flyer or Movie, please pass on the login details on to them.

Over the last few days, I’ve re-uploaded the previous Disc of the Month titles as individual files. At this stage I envisage we should be able to keep a minimum of six titles up on the Niche server, so when your MUG does decide to participate in the DotM project, you’ll be able to grab “back issues”.

Good luck with Disc sales and I welcome any feedback on the Discs or any other topics.

Promotional Material

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view promo movie »

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