Feb 25
Widgets, Widgets and more Widgets Disc Label

Widgets, Widgets and more Widgets Disc Label

March 2010’s Disc of the Month is called “Widgets, Widgets and more Widgets!” and it is now available for leaders of Australian Apple User Groups to download.

Widgets are mini-applications that are quickly accessed via the Dashboard. Simply press F12, or click on the dock icon, and they’ll appear above your regular applications.

The Widgets, Widgets and more Widgets CD contains over 400 Amazing Dashboard Widgets!

  • 190+ Games & Other Bits of Fun
  • 45+ Calculators & Converters
  • 40+ Status Monitors
  • 35+ Business Tools
  • 20+ Webcam & Image Viewers
  • 15+ Email & Messaging
  • 10+ Astronomy & Weather
  • 10+ Food & Drinks
  • 10+ Music Related

To install new widgets, just double click on them

Downloading Widgets, Widgets and more Widgets!

User Group Leaders can download a copy of the Disc Image and support files from the DotM Archive. If you need the User ID and Password, just contact Nicholas.

This month there are two Promo flyers – both are a single page, but one is in landscape mode (and is the version included on the CD) and the other is in portrait mode. Feel free to use which ever one suits your newsletters, website and sales catalogues best.

Widgets, Widgets and more Widgets! is available on CD for $10 from participating Apple User Groups, including;

Many of these User Groups allow you to purchase the Discs of the Month from their meetings – often at a discount; or to order via the web, postal mail, fax or telephone.

Promotional Material

view ‘landscape’ flyer »

view ‘portrait’ flyer »

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