Aug 06

AppleUsers Spotlight

AppleUsers Spotlight

The AppleUsers Spotlight is written by Apple Users for Apple Users and we’d like encourage every Australian Apple User Group to become involved by contributing one article at least once a year.

The Spotlight is to be published 11 times a year, and with nearly 30 active Apple User Groups here in Australia, we envisage having three different MUGs a month contributing an article each.

This way we can increase the amount of original and unique content included in the Spotlight, and thus add value and interest for your members, and as a bonus it would be coming from someone they’d know and respect 🙂

Although we plan on having an over-arcing theme for article topics each issue, we’ve happy to leave the actual topics up to the individual contributors to select. A list of topics we are currently looking at to be covered can be found over at our Jobs Page and these could be used as a guideline for ideas.

We’d welcome standalone reviews of people’s favourite or most used Applications; simple how-to guides; or even an article about any external projects your group may be involved with.

If you, or any of your members, are interested in writing for the AppleUsers Spotlight, duck over to our Contact Form and drop a line to Trish, our Editor-in-Chief, for more information.

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