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Meeting Date Request

Meeting Date Request

For the last couple of years Australian Macworld have been publishing a listing of the meetings of Australian Apple User Groups, as well as using the Disc of the Month material for their “Off The Net” column.

I was recently informed that due to other scheduled changes to the layout and style of Australian Macworld, the September issue is the last issue these two columns will be published.

However, all the news isn’t bad…

Niche Media, the publishers of Australian Macworld, have been hosting the Disc Images and other support files for the Disc of the Month project and they will continue to do so – which we sincerely thank them for their past and continued support with this project.

This is also an opportune time to remind Australian Apple User Groups that the User Group Forum over at the Australian Macworld website is still open and User Groups are encouraged to post details about their forthcoming meetings and other news there – which is something we here at heartedly encourage as well – the more places you can get exposure for your group, the better and this a great place to start.

In relation to the actual MUG Events Listing, we now have a expanded listing in the AppleUsers Spotlight and as the Spotlight is a digital production we don’t have the longer lead time inherent in print media, so we can overcome one of the biggest complaints MUGs have had when submitting their meeting details and rather than a two month lead time, we’ll be able to offer a mere two week lead time.

So, effective from when we put the call out for Australian Apple User Group’s October Meeting Details, we’ll be establishing a deadline of the 12th of the “previous” month for submissions of MUG Meetings and Events Details. ie the October meeting information will be needed by the 12th of September – don’t worry, we’ll remind you closer to the time 🙂

And don’t forget that User Groups are eligible for a free display ad once a year in the Spotlight’s MUG Listing to promote a special meeting or event. For more information on how to claim your free display ad, please use our Contact Form and select Adverting & Sponsorship Enquiries as the department and set the subject to “Free MUG Advert for ZYX” where ZYX is your MUG Name.

We trust these changes will make it easier for each User Group to provide current and detailed information about the topics to be covered at their meetings, thus hopefully enticing new visitors to their meetings.

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