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Over the Easter 2010 break, bought forward a planned migration to a new internet hosting provider by nearly two weeks, due to unforeseen difficulties with the old server.

While we had a few minor hiccups due to the suddenness of the move, the transition has actually gone reasonably well. The main issue was waiting for various ISP’s DNS servers to update with the changes to our DNS records.

We don’t believe any mail has has been lost during the switch over, but if you have sent any mail between April 1st and April 4th ADST and you have not received a reply from us, please resend the email.

If you see this message on the website, then you are now seeing the new server and any email you send us should reach us.

We wish to take this opportunity to thank Ben May over at our new web hosts, Alyte, for his assistance late Good Friday evening and throughout Easter Saturday helping us make this transition go much more smoothly than expected.

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