Feb 13

Microsoft User Group Support Services Logo

Microsoft User Group Support Services Logo

The Microsoft User Group Support Services (UGSS) needs to properly understand the needs of both User Group Leaders AND Members so that they can support the technical community to the best of their ability.

To help them achieve this, they are requesting that both Leaders AND Members of User Groups complete a short survey before the end of February 2011.

The survey is extremely important to the UGSS – not only does it tell them how they are doing and what they should be focusing on, it also helps them to justify the costs of the UGSS program including the funding they provide directly to the community. Once the survey is closed and they have had time to process the results, the findings will be posted on UGSS for the community to review.

Take the Microsoft User Group Support Services Survey.

Get TechNet Professional (NFR) subscription

For taking the time (less than 10 minutes) to complete the Survey, Microsoft will provide complementary TechNet Professional (NFR) subscriptions for User Group Leaders and an opportunity for User Group Members to win one of fifty subscriptions.

When User Group Leaders complete the survey, you’ll be able to apply for a complementary TechNet Professional (NFR) subscription, subject to your being a currently registered user group leader on [If your User Group isn’t registered with UGSS, perhaps now is the time to consider registering it 😉 ]

Members of User Groups still have an opportunity to obtain a TechNet Professional (NFR) subscription at no cost even if you are not a user group leader but are a user group member registered on When you complete the survey, you will be able to enter a sweepstake for one of fifty subscriptions, subject to the rules.

Please note – your survey answers do NOT affect your eligibility for a subscription if you are a User Group Leader nor your chances of winning a subscription in the sweepstake if you are a member. Please give the User Group Support Services your honest and candid opinions and ask your members to do the same!

Take the Microsoft User Group Support Services Survey

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