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Yes, and the AppleUsers Spotlight are alive and well! We’ve just taken a slightly longer hiatus than we expected, but we’re coming back real soon now — Bigger and Better than before!

We expected a slight delay in the publishing schedule of the Spotlight as Nicholas, our Founder and Publisher, relocated from Sydney to Melbourne to commence a nine month employment contract. We managed to get one issue of the Spotlight (Issue #17) out a little later than expected and commenced on the next issue.

One of the strengths has found in the past — a small dedicated team working together, quickly came unhinged when we followed the basic tenets in our ‘working’ philosophy;

  1. Team members personal health comes first
  2. Closely followed by their immediately family’s health
  3. Then paid employment, or studies, come next
  4. Finally comes the volunteer work on the Spotlight and other projects.

We’ve also had a fairly relaxed publishing schedule and a couple of times we’ve said to ourselves, “Another fortnight’s delay won’t matter” and you’ve seen the result… six months without out a single issue of the Spotlight been produced.

Fortunately, things have settled down now… most of the health issues are over, or in the manageable stages and employment and study workloads have dropped off or changed totally. We’ve also had new kids or grandkids arrive for some team members, multiple physical relocations (some involving interstate transitions to another literally moving to the place next door)

We haven’t sat idle during this period…

  • We’ve stayed in touch with various User Groups, here in Australia and around the world, but on a one-to-one basis
  • We’ve presented to Australian User Groups – either in person or via webcam
  • Issue #18 of the Spotlight is in production and we hope to have that you early June.
  • We have a new product in the development stages, which we think you’ll appreciate
  • And, most importantly, the team itself has stayed in contact and most of us are still here, and we’ve even bought a few new people on board.

So, stay tuned! You’ll see a re-vitalised and AppleUsers Spotlight real soon now! And thanks for waiting for us!

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