Mar 20

IGG Software Logo

In the latest issue of the Apple User Group Bulletin, there an offer for Apple User Groups to obtain a review copy of iBank 3 and iBiz 3.

IGG Software is a small, Mac-only developer in Vermont. Their flagship products are iBank 3, a Leopard-only application that provides a great way to track bank accounts, credit cards, investments and loans; and iBiz 3, a cool tool for freelancers and others to manage clients,projects, hours and invoicing.

Now, user group leaders can get these products (regularly US$50-$60) for review and user group demo (limit one per group).

Download the iBank 3 and iBiz 3 trial demos today the from then email IGG’s marketing director, Scott Marc Becker, to request a free license. (For Scott’s email address check out the March 19, 2009 Apple User Group Bulletin)

[More information about the Apple User Group Bulletin (AUGB) can be found at Apple User Group Advisory Board website]

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