Mar 27
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Bohemian Coding Logo

I am pleased to announce another exclusive offer for Australian MUGs to obtain copies of software for review and then extra copies for use in your raffles or as door prizes.

Our new partner is Bohemian Coding and they have offered Australian MUGs NFR copies of both their products, DrawIt and Fontcase, so you can review them in your MUGs email newsletter, magazine or website and then they’ll supply you with additional copies to raffle off or use as door prizes.

Fontcase is a font management application that provides an elegant and powerful workflow to help you organise the fonts you have installed on your system. Designed to be an iTunes for your fonts, Fontcase has a powerful tagging system, which is designed to let you control your fonts like you control your music.

DrawIt is a vector editing application with support for bitmap-like image filters. Vector editing as well as the filters are completely non-destructive which means that a vector layer can still be edited even after a stack of filters has been applied.

To obtain your NFR REVIEW copies of Fontcase and DrawIt, simply download the trial versions of both from and then use the form below to request your NFR license codes for reviewing the products.

A serial number for use with the review copies will then be sent to you.

Next, write SEPARATE reviews of approx 300-500 words each – one review each for DrawIt and Fontcase and publish at least the first review to your MUGs website, to your mailing list or in your newsletter within 30 days from receipt of your serial numbers and the other review can either be published in the same issue as the first review OR in the issue immediately following the first review.

Once you have published your reviews, email Pieter by REPLYING to the email that included your NFR serial numbers, along with the PDF or URL of where the reviews have been published. You’ll then be sent the three serial numbers, two for DrawIt and one for Fontcase, for your MUGs use in a raffle or as door prizes.

I trust this wonderful opportunity for your MUG to obtain unique and original content for your newsletters and websites, PLUS some great prizes to give away to your members will be well received and supported.

If you have any questions about this new opportunity, please do not hesitate to contact ask me.

Request Review Copies of DrawIt and Fontcase from Bohemian Coding

This offer is available exclusively to Australian Apple User Groups listed on the MUG Listing page.

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