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AppleUsers Share

AppleUsers Share

The Central Victorian Macintosh Users Inc (CVMU) have a simple calendar showing the entire year, with all their meeting dates for the entire year clearly highlighted.

This is a simple function that could easily be implemented on any Apple User Groups website and should be!

CMVU’s calendar is a simple grid style calendar, showing every day in each month of the year.

Then on the Fourth Thursday of each month, the day they hold their meetings, they have highlighted that date. The next meeting is displayed red, whilst all the other meetings are shown in blue.

When you move over the mouse over a meeting date, a small pop-up tag appears, presenting a single line summary of the topic to be featured at that meeting. If a topic has yet been specified than they simply state ‘To Be Announced’, so people at least know a meeting scheduled.

CVMU’s calender is a novel, yet incredibly simple, way of presenting forthcoming meetings date and this format would be perfect for any group that has two or more meetings per month.

Regardless of how you present the information, all Apple User Groups should list, at a bare minimum, the next three months worth of your forthcoming meeting dates. This allow people to plan in advance and allows media organisations (like us here at for Australian Macworld) to publish your meeting dates correctly.

AppleUsers Share is a series of short articles that highlight a feature or service found on another website that Apple User Groups may wish to consider incorporating into their own sites. If you have a website feature or service that you think should be shared with Apple User Groups, then drop us a line.

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