May 09

AppleUsers Share

AppleUsers Share

The internet macintosh user group (iMug) maintains a web page listing their past meeting topics, currently dating back to the beginning of 2006.

This is an idea other Apple User Groups could find beneficial to incorporate into their own sites.

iMug’s Past Meeting page simply has the month an year of the meeting in one column and then in the next it has the Presentation Topic, along with who the presenter was and where appropriate a link back to the presenters website.

Some entries have extra data like links to photo galleries or meeting notes.

“Why bother with a listing of past meetings?”, I hear many ask. Well the main reason is to show both potential presenters and potential members, the quality of presenter you have attracted previously.

Also, it acknowledges the efforts previous presenters have put into their presentation for your group’s benefit, particularly as many do so on their own personal time. It also provides a simple location for attendees of the presentation to find the website of the presenter, if they forgot to jot it down during the presentation.

Plus, as mentioned above it can be a great repository for Presentation Notes; Photo Galleries; and even links to Podcasts & Vodcasts of your meetings.

So, consider adding a ‘Past Meetings’ page to your group’s website.

AppleUsers Share is a series of short articles that highlight a feature or service found on another website that Apple User Groups may wish to consider incorporating into their own sites. If you have a website feature or service that you think should be shared with Apple User Groups, then drop us a line.

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