Sep 16

AppleUsers Online Store

AppleUsers Online Store

Although is a volunteer, non-profit organisation, we still need a few dollars each month to cover our basic administration costs, so we have established relationships with a select number of partners to provide relevant services and products to Australian Apple User Groups and their members.

By clicking on the links found within the posts found in our Online Store and then purchasing goods or services from the various vendors own online stores, earns a tiny commission.

There is NO additional cost to you, the buyer – the vendor simply records the fact that referred you to them they pay us a small referral fee. You still get to purchase the items at the normal prices listed on the vendors store.

Each time you wish to shop from one of our partners, please click on our links first, rather than going straight to the vendors store, so the referral is registered each time and thus we can offset our various costs and continue to provide the various resources to Australian Apple User Groups free of charge.

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