Jul 24
Audiophile Disc Label

Audiophile Disc Label

Just a short note to let you know that the August Disc of the Month title, Audiophile, has been released and is ready for a single representative from your MUG to download the Disc Image.

Remember your Newsletter Editors, Webmasters and Meeting Co-ordinators can download the Promo PDF and Movie separately as well if needed. And some Editors and Webmasters are also using the Disc Label as part of their articles or sites.

All these files can be downloaded from , using the same user id and password as last month. If you need the user id or password, just drop me an email and I can send them to you.

Also, remember if you are distributing the DotM to your members, let me know so I can list your MUG in the print edition of Australian Macworld, as well as in the AMW forum posting announcing the DotM to the public…

…and while I think of it – a quick question: Do you mention the DotM on your website? Many groups do and they are gaining members and disc sales as people find them via Google and other search engines (Post the Promo PDF with an easy to find link and the search engines will index the contents and list your site under a wide range of categories).

One of the most successful sites promoting the DotMs is AUSOM’s. They have a central location listing all the current discs they have available, with links to the Promo PDFs so people can easily find out what is contained on each disc. People can then order via their PayPal system.

Even if you can’t offer online purchases, consider promoting the Discs and telling people how they can order (from your meetings, via fax, email or regular old snail mail)

PS: Some advance notice that the November DotM will be a DVD title… this means the Disc Image will be 4.7GB in size…let me know ASAP if this is going to cause your group difficulties in obtaining the Disc Image. This Disc has been 18 months in development and I’m sure it’ll be a huge hit with your members.

Promotional Material

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