Jul 30
MacSecretary Disc Label

MacSecretary Disc Label

Hot on the heals of the August DotM, Audiophile, the SEPTEMBER Disc of the Month, MacSecretary, is now also available for downloading from as I was able to complete everything really really early for once 😉

If you want to put MacSecretary on sale now, feel free to do so… but remember the coverage of MacSecretary won’t appear until the September issue of Australian Macworld and next Disc isn’t planned to be out again until mid-September.

Also, the promo flyer for MacSecretary mentions the Publishing House and MacServer Discs as having some applications of interest for purchasers of MacSecretary…. so if you don’t already have those Disc Images, you may want to grab them now as well.

Perhaps even consider doing a bundle deal of all three discs for say $25 (saving $5).

Do you have a folder containing the promo flyers of earlier Discs so people can flick through past editions and perhaps purchase titles they “missed” on previously.

PS: I mentioned in my last email that the November DotM is going to be a DVD… well it looks like the December DotM may also end up as a DVD [yes I do think about and plan these Discs well and truly in advance]… how do you feel about two DVDs titles in a row???

Don’t worry the plan is to normally stay with CD sized Discs but the November Disc has so much material to be included and when it is released you’ll see why this should all be included on a single DVD… However, the proposed December release doesn’t have to happen as DVD … one advantage of planning in advance is I could just as easily develop a new CD sized title if required for December if your feedback suggests that option, otherwise I’ll continue on with the plans for another DVD release.

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