Feb 19
Latest News Stack

Latest News Stack

The Disc of the Month project is finally ready to officially launch.

For a reminder about the Disc of the Month the original announcement can be found at

I’m pleased to announce that Australian Macworld will be hosting the Golden Master and support files for a single member of your MUG to download and then you can produce copies ready for you to sell.

Australian Macworld will also be running an article each month in the print magazine and online promoting the Disc of the Month and will be advising readers that they can purchase the disc from “participating MUGs”.

This weekend, I’m about to publish a blog article for Australian Macworld that will list all the MUGs that are “participating” in this project and so that I can correctly mention your MUG could you please respond to the following questions;

  • MUG Name:
  • Are you going to participate in the DotM project?
  • Will sales be limited to members only, or open to anyone?
  • Will you promote the DotM in your newsletter?
  • Will you have a web page promoting the Discs of the Month? If so, what is the URL?
  • Will you provide online sales, or just from your meetings?
  • Will you be using the short promo movies at your meetings to highlight the Monthly title?
  • Will you be printing direct to the Disc using the supplied label?

To access the Golden Master image and support files, have ONE of your members use their web browser to visit;

niche »

For the user id and password, please have the representative from your MUG contact Nicholas.

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