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Australian Macworld

Australian Macworld

Hi All,

Can you ALL please check the April dates in the Australian Macworld Events Calendar at are correct. If there are any corrections or additions, please let me know ASAP, as these will be used as the basis for the print edition, which I’ll be submitting tomorrow night (March 3rd)

Have you seen the “Why be a MUG?” blog entry?

It is the beginning of a series of monthly blog entries I’ll be writing for the Australian Macworld website. If there are events, ideas or anything relating to Apple Macintosh User Groups you’d like featured or mentioned, just let me know. My blog will normally be published on the 3rd or 4th Monday of each month.

These blogs will also serve as another promotional avenue for the Disc of the Month.

Also, Mike Devlin of NQMUG had a great suggestion… now that the Australian Macworld forums has a dedicated MUG forum, we could use that as a place to share and discuss ideas.

You can visit the MUG Forum at

A free account registration is required to POST, but anyone is able to read the User Group Forum.

The forum will also be a place where the public can find out about YOUR group… what you offer and how to contact you etc.

Perhaps YOU, or one of your members, would like to logon and post a new Forum Thread promoting YOUR MUG… talk about who you are; what are the key benefits of joining your MUG; when and where you meet (and any costs in attending meetings… and if guests/visitors are welcome free of charge, be sure to highlight that) and don’t forget to provide a link back to your website and/or contact telephone numbers.

Perhaps list a special offer for any one who contacts you for the first time after finding out about you via the forums… perhaps something like “Join XYZ MUG in March, and if you mention the Macworld Forums, you receive a free copy of our Disc of the Month “Publishing House” free of charge” 😉 Or what ever offer you like 😉

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