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Free Times Games Disc Label

Free Times Games Disc Label

Hi All,

Australian Macworld has partnered with Australian Mac User Groups to provide a Discs of the Month to members and this month’s title is “Free Time Games”

Free Time Games is a collection of over 40 different games to play during your “free time” and it has a great selection of arcade, card, strategy, role playing and simulation games suitable for the entire family, contained on a single CD.

Many of the games allow you to play solo or against opponents either locally or across the internet.And the great thing is there are no further fees to pay for these fully functional and enjoyable games – they are all either Freeware, Open Source or released under special license.

WARNING: These games can be highly addictive! In fact writing this blog entry took far longer then it should have, as I kept getting myself distracted by playing Quinn (a tetris clone), Asteroids or 3D Hearts whilst a took a “short” break to “clear my mind” or to “gather my thoughts”. Fortunately, I have held back from learning how to play Freeciv or Freecol, two games based on the old classics Civilization 2 and Colonization. From past experience the original games can absorb you for days, if not weeks!

Individual titles can be downloaded from the AUSMAC archive or purchased on a single CD from participating Macintosh User Groups for $10.

The above blurb will be posted to the Australian Macworld forums later today and a full listing of all the applications will be published in the April issue of Australian Macworld.

The Golden Master for Free Time Games is now ready for MUGs to download. There is the disc label, a promo flyer and a 60-second promo movie.

To access the Golden Master image and support files, have ONE of your members use their web browser to visit;

niche »

For the user id and password, please have the representative from your MUG contact Nicholas.

If you haven’t already grabbed it, The Golden Master for last month’s disc, Publishing House, is still available for downloading from the same location.

Promotional Material

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