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Apr/May 2010 Spotlight Cover

Apr/May 2010 Spotlight Cover

The publication of the April/May issue was ‘ever so slightly’ delayed this time, but we think you’ll enjoy the 60-page bumper issue now that it is here.

Download the April/May 2010 Spotlight

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What’s included in this issue?

Articles in this issue include;

  • About The Smith Family – Provides some details about what this independent children’s charity does. (Nicholas’ Dashboard also explains why has adopted The Smith Family as our preferred charity to support)
  • How Apple Changed My Life – One person’s experiences with over 40 years of computers and more than 20 years with Apple devices.
  • Creativity @ AUSOM in its 30th Year – explains what Australia’s largest Apple User Group did to celebrate 30 years of existence
  • Bookmarks in Safari (Part 1) – Explains how to use the Bookmarks Bar
  • Publishing iCalendars – Explains who to create and publish iCals to the Web for others to subscribe to
  • Keyboard Kool – Helps you finds those special symbols or text characters
  • Four Changes We Want to See from Apple in 2010 – The name says it all 🙂
  • Amazon Releases Kindle for the Mac and Explains iPad Plans
  • Zombie Authors Threaten Fiction Ebook Market, from the Grave! – Explains how hundreds of thousands of books are now available in ebook format – yet their authors have passed away!
  • Transferring Vinyl LPs to Digital – One users’ approach to this perennial topic of interest for many
  • The MacBundles Launches a New Low-Price ‘Build Your Own Bundle’ Store

Our regular columns are also present, including;

  • AppleUsers Contest, which a great selection of applications, physical books, ebooks and Squiz Cards all up for grabs
  • Joy of Tech has another iPad related cartoon, this time ‘explaining’ why the iPad has been delayed internationally
  • Our resident Spotlight Cook provides an appropriately named dish – ‘Apple Fool’
  • The What’s New section has been broken up into two segments – What’s New for iPhones and What’s New for Macs
  • Book Reviews of
    • Macworld Mac OS X Hints Superguide, Snow Leopard Edition
    • Take Control of Screen Sharing in Snow Leopard
    • Layout in Pages ’09: The Missing Manual
    • The Non-Designer’s Presentation Book: Principles for effective presentation design
    • Publishing a Blog with Blogger
  • Christopher Breen’s Mac 911
  • Discount Corner
  • Two AppleUsers Discs of the Month – the ‘Ultimate iLife & iWork Companion’ and ‘Widgets, Widgets & more Widgets!’
Apr/May 2010 Spotlight Cover

Apr/May 2010 Spotlight Cover

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