May 01
Meeting Date Request

Meeting Date Request

Thank you to all the groups who submitted details for their July 2009 Meetings. It was greatly appreciated. However, a number of groups didn’t 🙁

So please could ALL Australian Apple User Groups submit their July 2009 meeting dates BEFORE 5pm AEST, Sunday May 17, 2009.

Remember: The ONUS IS ON EACH MUG to respond BEFORE the deadline – if you do NOT respond, you will NOT be listed in the MUG Listing in Australian Macworld for that month.

Even if you have provided your meeting dates previously, they need to submitted via the form below and will need to submitted EACH AND EVERY MONTH.

Likewise, if you have multiple meetings each month, separate forms for each meeting must be submitted.

To help make this process easier, I intend to have the Submission form available for submitting the next batch of meeting dates online on the First of each Month, but remember we are working two months in advance.

Also, thank you to all the people who provided feedback about the original web form and the confirmation emails. Hopefully, the changes in this month’s form will make it even easier for you all to complete and submit your details.

July 2009 Meeting Dates Request

Please submit your meeting details before 5pm AEST, Sunday May 17, 2009.
[Submissions for July Meetings Dates have closed]

ps: Have you posted details about your May Meeting(s) over at the Australian Macworld User Group Forum? If not, perhaps now is a good to do it while you remember 😉

Also, duck over to the ‘Publicity Opportunities for MUG’s‘ article for a list of other places you can promote your group’s meeting

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