Apr 25

AppleUsers Share

AppleUsers Share

ACTApple have included on their website a page that details the guidelines for speakers presenting to their members and this is a feature that all Apple User Groups should consider incorporating into their own websites.

The Speaker Guidelines from ACTApple start with a short overview of the group and what ACTApple are looking for from a presentation.

They then suggest some handy hints, that seem obvious when you read them, but unfortunately are often overlooked or plain ignored by many presenters. They cover the different scenarios for ‘Beginner’ and ‘Non-Beginner’ streams of presentation content.

Guidelines on the timing during the presentation are next to highlighted. One piece of information that could be added to this section of the Speaker Guidelines is a listing of timings for the overall meeting. It is useful for speakers to know what time the building opens and they can have access; how long they have to setup; if the setup is during a break between session (if so this means there may be an overlap as the previous presenter is packing up, or that members may still be milling around in the room during setup).

Finally, but almost the most important information for a presenter, particularly any who have never been to an ACTApple meeting, is a list of the equipment ACTApple actually provides a presenter access to; plus the equipment they can provide if required. They also suggest equipment the presenter can provide themselves if required. In this day and age, it can beneficial to state if access to the Internet is available, and if so, some details like the type of connection (ADSL, Wireless etc) and how it can be accessed (Open WiFi, Password Protected WiFi or Ethernet etc).

Overall, the inclusion of ‘Speaker Guidelines’, attached somewhere near, or off, your Meetings Page would be a valuable addition to any User Group’s webpage.

AppleUsers Share is a series of short articles that highlight a feature or service found on another website that Apple User Groups may wish to consider incorporating into their own sites. If you have a website feature or service that you think should be shared with Apple User Groups, then drop us a line.

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