Apr 14

Meeting Date Request

Meeting Date Request

OK, I’m going back to the original system of having the MUGs inform me of THEIR Meeting dates EACH MONTH.

Unfortunately, there are too many groups that do not have current information of their forthcoming meetings available online 🙁

The worst cases haven’t been updated since late 2007/early 2008 🙁 and many cases only have the “current” month listed and for the MUG Listing in Australian Macworld I need to have details about 6-8 weeks in advance.

To top it off, a number of groups MOVED meetings this month to cater for Easter and School Holidays and they didn’t have that information published online when I needed it.

So, as I said, I’m going back to the original system, but with some improvements – Each month, I’ll email you asking you to fill in a simple web form that asks for the basic details and provides the information in the format I need to just copy and paste into the listin, plus you get a confirmation email.

Important: The ONUS IS ON EACH MUG to respond BEFORE the deadline – if you do NOT respond, you will NOT be listed in the MUG Listing in Australian Macworld for that month.

If you have more than one meeting per month, you’ll need to fill in the Web form separately for each meeting.

June 2009 Meeting Dates Request

Please submit your meeting details before 5pm AEST, Sunday April 19, 2009.
[Submissions CLOSED for June 2009 Meeting Details]
Remember if you have two or more meetings per month, please submit separate forms.

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