Apr 20
10 Week inDesign Course

10 Week inDesign Course

Starting May 14 (US date), CreativeTechs is offering a free, 10-week, worldwide, InDesign course. To make this happen, they need at least 1,000 people signed up to participate, so help spread the word by informing your members!

I know a few Australian’s who got up (or stayed up) for the 2am, 4am or 5am starts on the recent free 10-week Photoshop course and they found the session most informative and beneficial.

The InDesign courses will be held on Friday mornings at 2am for those in Western Australia and 4am for those on the Eastern Seaboard of Australia and each course runs for approximately 60 minutes with another 30-45 minutes for the Q&A session that follows. Some have said the Q&A was the most valuable portion – even if they didn’t ask any questions themselves, as the questions were relevant and the answers were clear and concise.

And the great thing for Apple users, is the software they are using are the Macintosh version of the Adobe Creative Suite 4, so we don’t have to translate menus and keystrokes from the Windows version 😉 and users of earlier versions of InDesign will still get a lot out of these sessions.

For more information and to enroll, please visit CreativeTech.

Once you register CreativeTech will send you an email with all the details you need to participate in these online web seminar – you just need a broadband internet connection and a modern web browser (and yes Safari works just fine)

Also, CreativeTech are looking for suggestions on other free courses they could offer – to voice your thoughts, jump over to ‘CreativeTechs: Tell the World! More Free Training!’

So go spread the word to your members… and consider signing up yourselves.

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