Apr 21

Book Library

Book Library

Peachpit have long been a supporter of User Groups around the world and unfortunately the current economic crisis has forced them to re-evaluate the way they can support User Groups outside of the United States… but don’t worry, they have come up with a very attractive offer.

Previously, one the nicest benefits Peachpit provided participating groups was a free book, each and every month. Normally groups would choose a single title from one of the many new releases available, but if nothing tickled your fancy, you could always select a title from the rest of their extensive catalogue.

In return, Peachpit simply asked that User Groups write a review of the book and publish that review to the group’s website or in their magazine; plus, if possible, to appropriate book sites like Amazon and Borders.

This was a great offer as it cost the User Group nothing except some time writing the review – Peachpit covered the shipping regarding of where your group was located, and I know many Australian User Groups, Mac and otherwise, took advantage of this deal and after reviewing the title, they placed the book in to the group’s library, so members could borrow the book. One group went one step further and donated the books to their local community library, pasting in a book plate acknowledging Peachpit’s assistance and the MUG’s details, so a wider audience could benefit from the book and the MUG (and Peachpit) got an unusual form of publicity.

Even so, this program must have been costing Peachpit a small fortune each month, so they have put their thinking caps on and have come up with a great solution – rather than shipping a single physical book each month, they will provide your group with 45-day free online access to all of their new releases. So, now there is no waiting time to receive your book, nor will there be any potential customs charges, and you get to review, and thus expose your members, to a far larger range of titles then ever before.

For more information you can read the Peachpit User Group Partner Program News: April 2009 here and to register for the Peachpit User Group Program use this link.

ps: Don’t forget that Peachpit still offer a massive 35% discount off the list price, to your members, for any of their books and they also offer your group to earn money through the Pearson Affiliate Program.

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