Jan 23
Meeting Date Request

Meeting Date Request

Hi All,

It’s been great to see the enthusiastic response to the new online Australian Macworld Calendar

A number of MUGs have been very keen and recently supplied me with a listing of either all their meeting dates for 2008, or the next 3 or 6 months worth.

A couple have already provided specific meeting topic descriptions for those dates they’ve supplied, whilst the others have just provided a generic description of a typical meeting and will update the entries with specific details as the time draws closer.

One MUG is even looking at providing a special “coupon” that will ONLY be provided from the AMW online calendar so that visitors can get an exclusive special offer by physically presenting that coupon code at that month’s meeting… the plan is it will a) encourage visitors to attend a meeting and b) identify that the visitor found out about that MUG via the AMW calendar.

I plan on posting these to the online Macworld calendar over the next couple days, so if you’d like to supply a list of your meeting dates and either a generic blurb that could be included with each entry or a blurb specifically covering that meeting, I’ll include them as well.

And remember, you can supply me with updated information for the online calendar when ever you need to… just try and give me a few days notice before you really need it up there.

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