Jan 12
Meeting Date Request

Meeting Date Request

The Australian Macworld website is now online and active

The expanded Events Listing is also available for viewing.

Please check out the February events… and let me know if you would like anything added to your entries, or if I have missed anyone’s meetings.

I’ve grabbed information from your websites… and I’ve done the best I can with the information at hand, but unfortunately many sites are still listing last years meetings and some are even more out of date 🙁

Each month, I’ll now need the following information from each MUG;

Group Name: 😉
Date of Event: DD Month YYYY (ie 24 January 2008)
Start Time: HH:MM (in 24hr time ie 6:30pm would be 18:30)
Event Description: Plain Text, up to 4-5 paragraphs. Remember that about the first 10-12 words fit on the summary page, so use those to your best advantage. If you don’t have a specific topic to promote, don’t worry, just give me a general blurb
URL: (This can be either your main site or a specific page for that meeting)

If you have more than one meeting per month, then I need SEPARATE entries… they can be in the same email (in fact they are better in a single email), but I need them separated.

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