Jun 27


The first Keynote Address at the 2009 Annual Conference of the Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association (ASCCA) will be about Apple and their products. The Keynote will given by a representative from Next Byte.

Next Byte are Australia’s largest Premium Reseller of Apple products and are part of the Vita Group, which also includes FoneZone and OneZero Communications, so they are well positioned to discuss the influence of the range of Apple computing products like the iMac and MacBooks, along with the iPod and now the iPhone have had on society. No doubt, they’ll also cover how these products can be successfully utilised by seniors.

Other Keynote Topics and Speakers at the ASCCA 2009 Conference include;

  • Features of Windows (Microsoft)
  • Explore Google (Raul Vera, Google Australia)
  • Peter Blasina, The Gadget Guy
  • Val French, Journalist

Various other sessions and workshops are conducted during the two-day conference, including;

  • Emerging Technologies – IPv6 and Digital Switchover
  • 10 years younger in 10 minutes: Adobe Photoshop Elements
  • Creative Email & Watermark Stationary
  • Shared Computing with Desktop Virtualisation
  • Social Networking
  • Broadband for Seniors
  • Sto Thief! Movie making for clubs
  • Clubs Speak; Three sessions covering Newsletters; Email etiquette; and Google Shared documents
  • Coles Shopping Online
  • Network Security and Malware
  • Future of Access
  • Towards an Optimum PC training machine
  • Notebook Computers, so much more than desktops

For more information about the presentation topics and the speakers themselves, visit the ASCCA Conference Program website.

The ASCCA annual conferences are open to every member of every ASCCA Club at discounted cost – so why not plan to attend this year even if you have never joined in the fun before? And be sure to let your members know they can attend – registration and pricing details can be found at the ASCCA website.

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