Dec 29
Australian Macworld

Australian Macworld

Hi All,

There are some exciting changes ahead with Australian Macworld.

You will have already noticed the change in page layout style of the printed magazine and other changes.

An even bigger change is happening early next year. Australian Macworld is getting its’ own website;

The printed magazine will continue to be produced but the website allows further expansion of articles and the inclusion of other topics that couldn’t be accommodated within in confines of a publishing schedule related to a print medium.

What does this mean for Australian Mac User Groups?

Well, the first benefit will be a dedicated Events & Groups area on the site, where MUGs will be able to have information posted about upcoming meetings and events.

This will expand upon the MUG Event Listing currently been published in Macworld, but additional information like presentation topics, meeting locations etc can be detailed and links to your websites with also be live.

There will also be a blog dedicated to MUGs and each month I will be composing a major blog entry for that section that will show case a particular Australian Mac User Group. The show case could and will cover a diverse range of events and special projects that I know various groups have been or will be involved with and the plan is to feature two different MUGs each month… and as there are are currently just short of 24 active MUGs at the present (and one more in the middle of forming) that means each group will have a major feature each year… and there will always be room for extra mentions through out the year if your group has other special events or projects happening.

Some ideas that could be promoted include but certainly aren’t limited to;

  • Extra special presentations: say you’ve got a high profile Apple-related personality like Steve Jobs or Steve Wozniak attending one of your meetings (if you did, we’d also expect you to shouting this one to the roof and more 😉 Even having a representative from big name corporations like Apple themselves, Adobe, Microsoft etc would be worth focussing on.
  • Swap Meets/Computer Markets/Auctions: If your group runs, or participates in, a local computer Swap Meet, Computer Market or Auction
  • Milestones & Major Anniversaries: will your group turn One, Ten, or Twenty-One, or have another significant birthday? Have you just signed up your 100th member? About to have your 1,000th meeting, or publish the 500th issue of your newsletter?
  • Do you normally charge entry for meetings or training sessions? If so, would you consider having an “Open Day” when potential members could attend free of charge to see what your group have to offer?
  • Does your group collect old Macs, refurbish them and distribute to needy families?If so, this would be a great service to feature.
  • I recall that one MUG gets the free books each month for review from publishers like New Wave and O’Reilly, and after publishing the reviews they donate the books to their local community library so the wider community benefits as well… again this sort of venture would be great for covering in the blog and gain exposure for the MUG.

If you’d like to put your thinking caps on and determine what events or projects you’d like covered and then let me know by replying to this email and answering the following questions;

MUG Name:
Contact Person:
1st Preferred Month:
2nd Preferred Month:
Topic/Event to be covered:

If you don’t have a preferred month or topic, feel free to indicate that as well… no doubt there will gaps in the year, when a generic coverage of a MUG would fit in the schedule… so either way, we’ll find something to cover about your MUG and give you a spotlight through out the year.

As the appropriate month draws closer, I’ll be in touch with the relevant contact person, initially via email, but may follow up with a phone call.

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