Jan 07
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Latest News Stack

Hi All,

A suggestion has arisen from my recent email regarding “Publicity Opportunities for MUGs” that all Australian MUGs look at taking a full page advertisement out in various publications including;

  • Australian Macworld
  • Australian Personal Computer
  • PC User
  • Computer Choice
  • Australian Net Guide

that promotes the benefits of joining a Macintosh User Group and how to find your local one.

This would be similar in concept to the ads the AppleCentres ran in Australian Macworld early last year.

It could either contain direct contact details for all the participating/contributing MUGs, or could point to a central listing of AUstralian MUGs like the User Group Listing at or a new dedicated site like

If the central site option was adopted, then my suggestion would be to have a general blurb similar to the one found at Apple’s Usergroup page, but better explaining the benefits of the joining a MUG, and then links off to the relevant individual MUGs own websites.

Now, as much I’d like to be involved in co-ordinating this, I believe that it would be better for the MUGs that wish to be involved look at appointing an ” independent” PR or advertising agency to come up with design ideas and concepts to avoid any bias towards any one state, region or group.

If you are interested in been involved, let me know and we’ll work out how best to put you all in touch with one another.

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